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Plastering Tools Frankston

When they are searching for quality crafted plastering tools, Frankston tradies will find the trowels, floats, and spatulas that work as hard as they do, available from Nela Tools. Manufactured in Germany, using only the highest quality materials and practices, our rendering and plastering tools are designed to last.

When you choose trowels or tools from the Nela range, you are investing in the toolkit that will help you achieve a better finish, with the ergonomic designs that make your workday easier.

The Right Rendering Trowels for Frankston

Whether they are rendering or plastering, the tools Frankston tradies choose make all the difference. It’s the reason professionals invest in high-quality rendering trowels from manufacturers like Nela. Because we put the same care and pride into our work as you do, you know that these are tools that won’t let you down on the job.

Our two or five-year warranty on all rendering trowels is further proof that you can rely on these expertly designed tools for many years to come.

Our Range of Render Accessories for Frankston

For those looking to build a full collection of quality tools and render accessories, the Nela range contains everything that you might need. Everything we create, we create with care and attention to detail. Our hawks, for example, have a handle made from the same cork that you will find on our trowels, for better ergonomic support. And you are sure to appreciate this care and precision detailing in everything from our scrapers to our sponges.

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