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Plastering Tools Braeside

Manufactured in Germany with our traditional commitment to detail and to craft, now you can get your hands on beautiful Nela plastering tools in Braeside. Although we pride ourselves on crafting tools that draw on the very best of European traditions, these plastering tools are ideally suited to Australian conditions, right down to the adhesives we use not only being tested against solvents, but proven to stand up against extreme temperatures as well.

When you want plastering trowels and tools that have been crafted with purpose, then choose Nela Tools, and enjoy the benefits for many years to come.

The Right Rendering Trowels for Braeside

Like tradespeople around the world selecting rendering trowels, Braeside renderers want to know that they have found a quality product that will serve them well. Those just starting out in the trade might choose the cheapest tools available, but for professionals it is worth investing in quality. With two-year to five-year warranties on all of our rendering trowels, and many other products as well, you know that Nela’s tools are designed to last. Not only that, but the design of our rendering trowels will assist you, with the lightweight and ergonomic designs making long days a breeze.

Our Range of Render Accessories for Braeside

In addition to our meticulously crafted rendering trowels, you will find an array of render accessories. Braeside customers can find all the scrapers, sponges, hawks, and floats that they need in one place.

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